All the hard work of the past months in preparation for the Anglo-Welsh Male Voice Choir Festivals came to fruit in the first of the concerts in the Birmingham City Hall on June 1st, followed on the following weekend in St David’s Hall in Cardiff. The new pieces have among them a number of good ones to add to the repertoire but we faced a real challenge in adapting our old friend Cytgan yr Herwyr to The Bandits’ Chorus in Italian! One of the joys of this type of concert is the opportunity they give for us to listen to the top class performers with us on the stage. In Birmingham an eleven year old concert pianist Lauren Zhang took our breath away and in Cardiff we had the pleasure of listening to our Welsh concert Violinist Jamie Hutchinson, from Pembrokeshire. In both concerts a local school choir had been given the opportunity of demonstrating that choral singing has a secure future; from the mature sound of Dodderhill Girls School (Birmingham) and the sheer joy of Llanishen Fach Primary School Choir (Cardiff). We were under the leadership of two fine professional conductors in James Llewelyn Jones and David Last and safe with our accompanists and, too, the Orchestra in Cardiff.

The Cardiff trip was also our annual Choir week-end away We had warm weather and a warm welcome from the Cardiff Arms Park Choir and a really enjoyable time together and with our friends who are part of our choir life.