Trip to Jersey October 2010

There was a fair bit of excitement about the annual trip this year.  Alwyn had set up a concert, with the help of a childhood school friend from Llanrhaeadr now living on Jersey, Mrs Pam Evans.  That was ordinary enough except that it meant flying for the first time as a group and also living up to the great publicity with which our concert in the St James Arts Centre in St. Hellier was announced.

 The reason for the publicity soon became clear when we met up with Pam Evans and her husband and realised that she had established, and was working to maintain, the charity Driving for the Disabled Jersey. It was a real privilege to listen to Pam, who is herself a disabled driver, speak of the wonderful work that her charity does on Jersey in enhancing the quality of life for the disabled of all ages and in all kinds of need.  

So it was a real joy to be involved with her in fundraising and particularly to be working alongside (or rather facing, for he was sitting “on the front row” ) the  Patron of the charity, the former World Champion Formula I racing driver Nigel Mansell O.B.E. who paid warm tribute to Pam and the quietly impressive work of Driving for the Disabled on the island.   The concert was a great success. Our soloists Olwen Jones and this time, in place of our tenor Tudor, we had our bass soloist and conductor Tegwyn Jones; Trevor (it’s the way he remembers them) the compere and Garry Jones singing the solo in  “Silver Trumpet” all excelled themselves.   It was lovely, too, that Linda our totally committed and totally modest accompanist was particularly recognised both formally and informally at the concert.   The venue was filled to capacity and earned the Montgomeryshire under-stated but highest possible accolade from the choir  “great acoustics”.

Trevor had organised two trips, the first to the Glass church and the German Hospital and the other, taking up most of the Wednesday touring the coast line of the Island.  It was a pity about the weather which was apparently glorious on the day we left! But in spite of it, each trip was very happy interesting and memorable They opened our minds to both another parallel culture and also the extreme pressure under which the Island spent the War years. We were left thinking a lot about  “what if?”.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable time away together, the Hotel was tip-top, meeting up with the Welsh contingent of the island was pure pleasure and our friendships grew even deeper. It was great to have Lynne with us; a bus-lady on a bus-lady’s holiday   - how did she manage to keep her hands off the wheel?!   Many, many thanks to Alwyn for setting it up and Trevor for making it all work like a well-oiled machine ( he keeps his mechanic’s rag well out of sight but we all know its always there -  thanks Trevor.)

Within 48 hours or so we were singing again, this time alongside Llansilin Mixed Choir and a number of renowned harpists and musicians at the Harp Gala in Theatre Hafren, Newtown and that was a lovely evening too.